Pre-Engagement Counseling

Why is pre-engaged couplescounseling gaining popularity?

  • Arguments over little issues never seem to get resolved. Little hurts and resentments can build and couples are looking for help to find ways to make it through such impasses.
  • One or both really don’t know how to talk about the hard things.  It is quite common to grow up and enter the adult world without a good model for communicating on touchy subjects, or knowing some good ways to deal with the untold different wants and needs.  A third party can provide tools and guide those conversations.
  • Concerns about not being on the same page regarding their spiritual beliefs.
  • They have been dating for many years and aren’t sure why they can’t make the leap into marriage.
  • One or both have concerns about the other’s use of alcohol or other substances.  Today dining and meeting up for drinks seems to have become part of the culture. Couples may notice that they have escalating conflicts or more frequent arguments or hurt feelings when alcohol is part of the formula.
  • One or both may have fears of commitment.  Sometimes this is due to growing up in a family where the parents had constant conflict, or their parents divorced, or there was abusive behavior that lends itself to fear of intimacy. 
  • They want to be sure that they proceed into a formal commitment in the healthiest way possible – much like an annual physical check-up for prevention of health problems.
  • Friends have recommended they get counseling.